Life Has a Funny Way of Working Out

One of my mum’s favourite sayings was, “Life has a funny way of working out”. A consequence of her repeating this is I recognise its truth through my own experiences and observations. The notion that everything happens for a reason and that we live in a ‘user-friendly’ Universe resonates deeply with me.  To others, this is categorised in the spiritual, mumbo-jumbo, woo-woo, what a load of sh**te section. Former colleagues ridiculed and teased me for daring to voice this belief. Despite that, I can’t resist putting it to the test, doing the experiment and finding out for myself if it

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Third and Final Career

I view art, specifically painting, as my third and final career. To be completely clear about the career part, I can’t afford to paint for the love of doing it. I need it to be financially viable, which means creating work that people want to buy. This is where I invariably fall into a dark pit of trying to paint THAT perfect picture for others. Chasing the mythical art piece that is universally liked sends me into a spiral of indecision and inaction. It’s incredible how creating for any reason other than the experience of doing it puts a stranglehold

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