Getting Established

I’ve wanted to live and work as a professional landscape artist for decades. Finally, awakening this long-held desire to paint feels incredibly exciting. But painting isn’t just about the act itself. I aim to support myself financially through art, specifically landscape painting. I want to travel and explore the wild places on our planet, capturing […]

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My Process

I’ve developed a set of steps that guide me from idea to finished painting. It all starts with immersing myself in nature, particularly wild landscapes, whenever I can. I prefer the untamed beauty of remote places over drawing everyday scenes. When I venture out, I always bring along my camera and sketchbook, and sometimes I

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Ten Mountain Landscapes

Upon returning to the UK from France in Spring 2023, I brought back a collection of photos, sketches, and studies of Tignes’ mountain landscapes. Despite not having formal training in painting, my background in studying architecture and working in art and design education for the past three decades has honed my observation and drawing skills.

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My Perception.

What I see differs from what the camera captures. I often see a towering perspective with mountains in view, but cameras tend to shrink this scale, losing the grandeur of nature. Sketching is crucial for me to convey scenes accurately, as I don’t rely solely on my camera. It takes time and effort to find

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The French Alps

A casual chat on the cruise boat about skiing ignited the next exciting episode of my journey. When I mentioned my passion for skiing, a fellow guest suggested, “You should experience a ski season!” Momentarily, the idea felt a bit daunting given my age, but its allure was undeniable. Before long, I found myself in

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Scotland’s West Coast

My life took a complete turn when I embraced a new way of living and welcomed the unexpected chances that came my way. It all started with a simple post on a Facebook group mentioning a Scottish cruise company needing a short-term steward cover. I took the leap, dialled the company’s number, and found myself

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For the Love of Painting

I see painting as my ultimate career path, but it’s crucial to clarify: I can’t solely paint for the joy of it—I need it to be financially sustainable. This means creating art that resonates with buyers. However, when I focus solely on painting for others and predicting what might sell, I invariably spiral into uncertainty

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