Ten Mountain Landscapes

Returning to the UK from France in the Spring of 2023, I brought back a treasure trove of photos, sketches, and studies of Tignes’ mountain landscapes. I set myself an ambitious challenge: to create a series of 10 paintings inspired by these visual references. Despite my three-decade journey in art and design without formal training, […]

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My Perception.

What I witness differs from what the camera lens captures. I experience a more vertical perspective, with towering mountains in my view. Cameras, whether my DSLR or phone, consistently compress the scale, diminishing nature’s awe-inspiring grandeur. Sketching is essential for me to depict scenes as I perceive them, never solely relying on my camera. Reaching

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The French Alps

A casual chat on the cruise boat about skiing ignited the next exciting episode of my journey. When I mentioned my passion for skiing, a fellow guest suggested, “You should experience a ski season!” Momentarily, the idea felt a bit daunting given my age, but its allure was undeniable. Before long, I found myself in

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Scotland’s West Coast

My life took a complete turn when I embraced a new way of living and welcomed the unexpected chances that came my way. It all started with a simple post on a Facebook group mentioning a Scottish cruise company needing a short-term steward cover. I took the leap, dialled the company’s number, and found myself

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For the Love of Painting

I see painting as my ultimate career path, but it’s crucial to clarify: I can’t solely paint for the joy of it—I need it to be financially sustainable. This means creating art that resonates with buyers. However, when I focus solely on painting for others and predicting what might sell, I invariably spiral into uncertainty

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