Life Has a Funny Way of Working Out

One of my mum’s favourite sayings was, “Life has a funny way of working out”. A consequence of her repeating this is I recognise its truth through my own experiences and observations. The notion that everything happens for a reason and that we live in a ‘user-friendly’ Universe resonates deeply with me. 

To others, this is categorised in the spiritual, mumbo-jumbo, woo-woo, what a load of sh**te section. Former colleagues ridiculed and teased me for daring to voice this belief. Despite that, I can’t resist putting it to the test, doing the experiment and finding out for myself if it is true or not. 

What happens when you trust and act on your intuition? 

What happens if something unexpected pops up and you take swift action and follow through instead of dismissing it? 

What happens when you recognise synchronicities and explore the connections further?

I’m living the experiment and have been since I left my job in higher education. A safe job that paid well and had all the benefits going. The same job made me stare at my wrists in endless meetings and wonder if it was an artery or vein I should stab with my pen. 

I need to live, not exist and life pushed me to leave that job because the unknown was better than the misery that came with staying safe. 

So far, based on my lived experience of this grand experiment, life does indeed have a funny way of working out. 

Note to self – It’s a wild ride, but hold the faith and keep on hanging on!

Video – No thinking is required, only staring.