Life Has a Funny Way of Working Out

One of my mum’s beloved phrases was, “Life has a funny way of working out.” Her constant reminder has etched its truth into my experiences and observations. The belief that everything unfolds with purpose deeply resonates with me.

To some, this might seem like spiritual woo-woo. Yet, given life’s brevity, I can’t resist testing it myself, conducting experiments and seeking my own truths.

What happens when you trust and act upon your intuition? What unfolds when you embrace the unexpected and swiftly act instead of dismissing it? And what reveals itself when you acknowledge synchronicities and explore their connections?

I’ve been living this experiment ever since I left my job in higher education—a secure position that offered great pay and benefits. Yet, it was the same job that had me staring at my wrists during endless meetings, contemplating whether a pen might find an artery or a vein.

I craved life, not mere existence, and life nudged me away from that job because the unknown seemed more alluring than the monotony and constraints of playing it safe.

Based on my journey through this grand experiment, life indeed has an intriguing way of unfolding, far surpassing any expectations I could have had.

Note to self – Embrace the wild ride, hold onto faith, and revel in the beauty of the unexpected.