My Perception.

What I witness differs from what the camera lens captures. I experience a more vertical perspective, with towering mountains in my view. Cameras, whether my DSLR or phone, consistently compress the scale, diminishing nature’s awe-inspiring grandeur. Sketching is essential for me to depict scenes as I perceive them, never solely relying on my camera. Reaching high vantage points and sitting amid extraordinary geological formations demands considerable time and effort, integral to my sketching process.

However, my camera holds significance in its ability to detect atmospheric details invisible to my eye, making the unseen visible. It’s a core part of my creative process, as is Photoshop, which I’ve used since its early days—starting with Photoshop 2.0 released in June 1991. Photoshop allows me to analyze atmospheric nuances, scale, and composition, complementing my artistic perception.

Note to self: In my case, the strength of digital tools resides in their role within the process, not in the final result.