Naseby Park Glasgow


A captivating illustration by IBPaterson of everyday life in Naseby Park in the Broomhill area of Glasgow. A signed, limited edition, fine-art print of this mixed-media illustration makes an ideal gift.


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Naseby Park in Glasgow’s Broomhill area features in this high-resolution fine art Giclée print.  The illustration, by IBPaterson, depicts park life during the Covid lockdown in the summer of 2020.

Human beings are inherently interesting. Even without facial expressions, we see a litany of thoughts happening in bodies. Glance at a body and we hear children’s laughter, taste coffee, spot intimate conversations, feel heartened at the sight of a new baby, recognise the action of checking an ache. We interpret dog discussions when dogs meet dogs, and owners meet owners. Elderly ladies promenading equally elderly dogs invoke compassion. Learning to ride a bike and the joy of tree-climbing triggers our own childhood memories. Glimmers into the everyday lives of others leave us pondering their conversations, thoughts and daydreams and reflecting on our own.

Each limited edition print is individually numbered and signed by the artist and limited to 100 editions. The illustration is created using mixed media that combines pen-drawing with watercolour painting and the artist’s original photography by applying digital techniques. The illustration is printed on high-quality acid-free Brilliant Matte plus 240gsm paper using the latest Giclée techniques for fine art prints. The print is A3 in size (42.0cm x 29.7cm) and comes unframed.

Customised Illustration of the Naseby Park

If you would like a personalised version of this illustration, I can work from photos to customise it to include images of you, friends and family so you have a unique memory of your favourite park. This costs an extra £30.00 so the total price for a customised print is £90.00.

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