Ten Mountain Landscapes

Returning to the UK from France in the Spring of 2023, I brought back a treasure trove of photos, sketches, and studies of Tignes’ mountain landscapes. I set myself an ambitious challenge: to create a series of 10 paintings inspired by these visual references. Despite my three-decade journey in art and design without formal training, this venture pushed me into uncharted artistic territory.

The initial phase was a steep learning curve, especially with the first couple of paintings. I encountered new challenges: crafting a limited yet versatile colour palette for ten pieces, stretching canvas, and adapting my sketches to a larger scale. The discrepancy between what I saw and what the camera captured was another puzzle I had to solve.

I held myself to high standards, refusing to settle for anything less than excellence. Iterating and repainting became routine until each piece felt just right in terms of composition and colour. Gradually, I found my artistic voice, gaining confidence in my ability to achieve my objective. The end result is satisfying, marking a milestone in my artistic journey. While content with my current stage, I’m excited about the uncharted artistic territories awaiting exploration. There’s always more to discover and create.