The French Alps

A casual chat on the cruise boat about skiing ignited the next exciting episode of my journey. When I mentioned my passion for skiing, a fellow guest suggested, “You should experience a ski season!” Momentarily, the idea felt a bit daunting given my age, but its allure was undeniable. Before long, I found myself in an unexpected role—with a post-Brexit French visa and work permit—as a chef in a ski chalet in the French Alps.

The hospitality work had its highs and lows, not all as enjoyable as my time on the cruise ship. However, residing in the French Alps with skiing right outside my door made every challenge worthwhile. Skiing to capture stunning scenes for sketches and photographs became a cherished daily practice. Once more, the very essence of these landscapes infused my subconscious, inspiring fresh vitality in my subsequent paintings.

Note to self – The outcome may not be immediately obvious so keep going when the going gets tough.